Iron Man Infographic

Dive into the captivating journey of one of my favorite fictional characters, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although an older project, it remains a cherished milestone that pushed the boundaries of my creativity as a budding designer.

New Techniques

Drawing inspiration from Tony Stark’s unwavering spirit of innovation, I explored new functions in Adobe Illustrator for this assignment to create a truly special poster. (Honestly, I would have loved to create an augmented reality version to add to the effect, if I had the time.)

Nevertheless, I experimented with various glow and highlighting techniques to emulate the radiant essence of the Iron Man suit. The overall composition symbolizes Tony Stark’s transformative journey, tracing the path of electricity from the arc reactor to the birth of the iconic red and gold armor.

Innovative Layouts

I faced the challenge of capturing Tony Stark’s character arc across multiple movies in a seamless way. I skillfully crafted a harmonious flow of information while distilling the essence of his journey. I meticulously selected crucial details and employed custom-made icons to ensure a concise and engaging representation of his remarkable story.

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