Jam Session – Brand Packaging

Although an older project, it was an absolute joy to work on conceptual branding for a unique monthly subscription box service called ‘Jam Session.’ This cleverly named service offers a delectable selection of jams, jellies, and marmalades. Embracing a funky retro theme, the branding captures the essence of the name with vibrant visuals and a custom box design inspired by vintage boomboxes. Packed with delightful puns and charming branding, this project truly hits my sweet spot!

I purposefully designed ‘Jam Session’ to cleverly incorporate the iconic boombox and playful music puns, and thus this subscription box transforms into a literal ‘Jam Session’ with its delectable assortment of jam samples. It’s an incredibly fun and delightful idea that captures the essence of creativity and enjoyment.

The Joy’s in the Details

I’ve always loved unique and multi-purposeful product packaging, brands that embrace their creativity through them. In my opinion, the packaging sets the tone, it should be as much an experience as the actual product.

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