Rock Dental Brands – Social Media

Seamlessly blending innovation and brand integrity, I had the wonderful opportunity to contribute to a full social media re-branding carried out through all four brands under Rock Dental, elevating them from calm and professional accounts to something much more trendy and visually creative. The new branding features bright colors, community-focused content, and fun interactive trivia about dental care. The result is beautiful Instagram feeds that is sure to attract new followers and engage existing ones.

The Idea

Craft an irresistible Instagram feed that effortlessly captivates the brand’s target audience, fostering engagement through relatable memes and dynamic patterns that exude vibrancy and trendiness, thus establishing a unified Instagram feed across all of Rock Dental Brands.

The Execution

I expanded upon the brand’s vibrant color palette by incorporating playful patterns that added visual hierarchy to each post. This thoughtful approach allowed me to skillfully emphasize the unique message of each dental care promotion, creating a visually engaging experience for the audience.

Trendy & Modern


Audience growth

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