Web Sliders

Crafted exclusively with McLarty Daniel car dealerships in mind, these display ads embody the essence of the brand and showcase compelling monthly offers. With meticulous attention to detail, the sleek and vibrant cars captivate attention within the carefully curated grid layouts, making each promotion shine with a burst of color.

Elevating the Ordinary

In the face of repetitive offers and pictures, I embraced the challenge to keep each display ad fresh and invigorating. By exploring new angles, captivating compositions, and innovative messaging, I infused each ad with a unique appeal that captured attention and drove results.

Compact Ads,
Big Impact

When faced with wordy copy and limited space, I masterfully highlight captivating phrases and seamlessly balance them with striking car visuals. I also employ creative solutions such as transforming the ad into a GIF to showcase both the cars and enticing offers, maximizing impact within compact ads.

Dynamic Displays

Ready to Dive Deeper?

Explore my work on Middleton Heat & Air’s social media, I blended trendy aesthetics with the core brand values, resulting in a visually stunning and engaging online presence.